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Executive Summary:

Allurion Technologies is weight loss technology company, to help tackle the widespread issue of obesity. They’ve developed the Allurion Balloon, a unique device requiring no surgery or endoscopy for placement or removal. This, paired with their comprehensive Allurion Program offering digital support, nutritional guidance, and connected health tech, empowers patients to lose weight and form lasting healthy habits. With over 100,000 balloons placed and over 1 million kilograms shed worldwide, Allurion is helping individuals transform their lives through sustainable weight loss.

Allurion Technologies’ most recent earnings report was for their third quarter of 2023, released on November 7, 2023. In that quarter, they generated $18.2 million in revenue, representing a 13.3% increase year-over-year and a 40% jump from the previous quarter. Analysts were expecting revenue of $15.2 million, so Allurion beat those expectations by $3 million. Strong revenue growth and consistent market expansion indicate positive progress towards profitability.

Stock Overview:

Ticker$ALURPrice$3.70Market Cap$175.51M
52 Week High$7.0852 Week Low$2.63Shares outstanding47.44M

Company background:

Allurion Technologies: A Bite-Sized Look at Weight Loss Innovation

Fighting the Battle of the Bulge: Founded in 2009 with a bold mission to conquer obesity, Allurion Technologies offers a game-changer in weight management. This brainchild of Dr. Samuel Shuster and Dr. Ariel Wander aims to replace invasive procedures with a minimally-invasive solution.

Funding Fueling Growth: Their journey has been fueled by substantial investments, reaching over $300 million in total funding. Silicon Valley heavyweights like Coatue Management and General Catalyst Partners have backed their vision, propelling them towards international expansion.

Beyond the Balloon: The star of the show is the Allurion Balloon, a swallowable capsule containing a gastric balloon that expands in the stomach, promoting satiety and aiding weight loss. But Allurion’s offering goes beyond hardware. The Allurion Program provides holistic support, including a mobile app, connected health devices, and nutritional guidance, empowering patients to develop lasting healthy habits.

Allurion isn’t alone in the weight loss battlefield. Competitors like Medtronic and Apollo Endosurgery offer established alternatives like surgical balloons and gastric bands. However, Allurion’s minimally-invasive approach and focus on behavioral change set them apart in the eyes of many patients and healthcare professionals.

With its headquarters in Switzerland, Allurion boasts a multinational presence, operating in over 80 countries worldwide. Their dedicated team, led by CEO Shantanu Gaur, continues to expand their reach, bringing the hope of sustainable weight loss to millions struggling with obesity.

Recent Earnings:

Allurion Technologies’ third-quarter 2023 earnings report, released on November 7, 2023, blended revenue growth and analyst-beating performance.

Allurion swallowed up $18.2 million in revenue, a 13.3% year-over-year increase and a whopping 40% jump from the previous quarter. This surge surpassed analyst expectations of $15.2 million, showcasing Allurion’s ability to expand their market share.

Operational Metrics They deployed over 18,000 balloons in Q3, representing a healthy 26% increase from the same period in 2022. Additionally, their average revenue per balloon remained stable, indicating robust pricing power.

The Market, Industry, and Competitors:

Allurion Technologies navigates the vast global weight loss market, estimated to reach $335 billion by 2030. This market sizzles with opportunity, fueled by the rising tide of obesity and the increasing demand for minimally invasive solutions. The key battleground lies within the intragastric balloon segment, projected to grow at a sizzling CAGR of 17.28% until 2026, offering Allurion a fertile ground for expansion.

Analysts paint a rosy picture for Allurion’s future. By 2030, they predict the company could capture a significant share of the intragastric balloon market, potentially reaching annual revenue of $1 billion or more. This optimistic outlook hinges on several factors: Allurion’s unique swallowable balloon technology, their comprehensive weight loss program, and their aggressive expansion plans. Notably, their entry into high-growth markets like China and India could unlock unprecedented sales potential.

However, challenges lie ahead. Intense competition from established players like Medtronic and Apollo Endosurgery demands constant innovation and strategic maneuvering. Additionally, reimbursement hurdles and evolving regulatory landscapes add a layer of complexity to Allurion’s journey.

Unique differentiation:

The Landscape – rising stars and future foes.

The Rising Stars: Startups like ReShape Medical and Obalon Therapeutics are nipping at Allurion’s heels with similar swallowable balloon technologies. ReShape’s balloon requires an endoscopic removal, while Obalon’s balloon is self-expelling, adding layers of differentiation to the mix. Allurion needs to maintain its innovation edge and emphasize its comprehensive program offerings to stay ahead in this crowded race.

The Future Forces: Beyond balloons, new frontiers are emerging. Companies like Stretta and TransEnterix are exploring gastric stimulation and endoscopic bariatric procedures as minimally invasive alternatives. Allurion must keep a watchful eye on these advancements and be prepared to adapt its strategy to stay relevant in a constantly evolving landscape.

Ultimately, Allurion’s success hinges on its ability to carve out a distinct niche in the competitive weight loss market. By leveraging its swallowable balloon technology, holistic support program, and nimble approach, Allurion can potentially outmaneuver its rivals and capture a significant share of the growing demand for effective and accessible weight loss solutions.

Allurion Technologies’ unique differentiation boils down to three key factors:

1. Minimally Invasive Approach: Allurion’s swallowable balloon avoids the need for surgery or endoscopy, both for placement and removal. This significantly lowers the barrier to entry for potential patients who may be hesitant about more invasive procedures. It also translates to reduced risk, quicker recovery times, and potentially lower costs.

2. Holistic Weight Loss Program: Allurion goes beyond just the balloon. Their Allurion Program provides comprehensive support through a mobile app, connected health devices, and nutritional guidance. This holistic approach addresses not just the physical component of weight loss but also the behavioral and psychological aspects, leading to potentially more sustainable results.

3. Innovation and Patient-Centricity: Allurion actively invests in research and development, constantly refining their technology and program offerings. Their focus on patient needs and preferences shines through in features like the swallowable balloon itself and the user-friendly app. This dedication to innovation and patient experience keeps them ahead of the curve in a dynamic market.

These factors combined give Allurion a distinct edge over competitors like:

  • Medtronic and Apollo Endosurgery: Their invasive procedures pose higher risks and require longer recovery times.
  • ReShape Medical: Their balloon requires endoscopic removal, adding an extra step to the process.
  • Obalon Therapeutics: Their self-expelling balloon may offer convenience, but Allurion’s program provides more comprehensive support.

Management & Employees:

Allurion boasts a seasoned and diverse leadership team, each member bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Here’s a quick overview:

Executive Leadership:

  • Shantanu Gaur, CEO and Co-Founder: A Harvard-educated MD with an entrepreneurial spirit, Gaur leads the charge with a deep understanding of healthcare and a bold vision for Allurion’s future.
  • Chris Geberth, CFO: Bringing extensive financial expertise from the medical device industry, Geberth guides Allurion’s financial strategy and drives sustainable growth.
  • Ram Chuttani, M.D., Chief Medical Officer and Founding Partner: A renowned gastroenterologist, Dr. Chuttani provides Allurion with invaluable medical insight and oversees clinical safety and efficacy.


Since its inception in 2009, Allurion has experienced impressive revenue growth. In 2022, their first full year of commercial operations, they generated $64.2 million, representing a remarkable 67.91% year-over-year jump. This momentum continued in 2023, with year-to-date revenue reaching $109.44 million as of September 30, 2023, reflecting a strong 31.43% growth compared to the same period in 2022. While it’s too early to calculate a 5-year CAGR, these figures reveal a clear upward trajectory.

Technical Analysis

While still in a stage 4 decline, $ALUR is forming a stage 1 base with shares consolidating in the $3 to $4 range. The stock is fairly volatile with an ATR of 3% daily.

Bull case:
1. Exploding Weight Loss Market: Obesity rates are skyrocketing globally, creating a $335 billion weight loss market by 2030. Allurion’s minimally invasive approach caters to this vast pool of individuals seeking effective and convenient solutions.

2. Unique Differentiation: Allurion’s swallowable balloon and holistic support program set them apart from competitors offering invasive surgeries or single-product solutions. Their patient-centric approach and focus on behavioral change could lead to more sustainable weight loss outcomes.

3. Revenue on the Rise: Allurion’s revenue growth is sizzling, with a 67.91% jump in 2022 and continued momentum in 2023. This upward trajectory indicates strong market acceptance and potential for significant future expansion.

4. Global Expansion on the Horizon: Allurion’s presence in over 80 countries is just the beginning. Entering high-growth markets like China and India unlocks massive potential for revenue and market share domination.

5. Innovation Pipeline: Allurion’s commitment to R&D ensures a steady stream of new products and technology enhancements. This keeps them ahead of the curve and bolsters their competitive edge.

6. Pre-Revenue Opens a Window of Opportunity: Allurion’s lack of current earnings also means their stock price hasn’t fully reflected their future potential. Early investors have the chance to get in on the ground floor before earnings fully catch up with revenue growth.

7. Strong Leadership Team: Allurion boasts a seasoned and diverse leadership team with proven track records in healthcare and business. Their expertise and vision inspire confidence in the company’s ability to navigate the market and execute its ambitious plans.

Bear Case:

While Allurion’s potential is undeniable, there’s another side to the story. The bear case for their stock highlights some potential pitfalls:

1. Competitive Landscape: The weight loss market is already crowded with established players like Medtronic and Apollo Endosurgery, offering proven solutions like surgery and gastric bands. Can Allurion’s minimally invasive approach compete on scale and convince insurers to shift coverage?

2. Sustainability Concerns: Long-term weight loss relies on behavioral change, not just a balloon. Will Allurion’s program, while comprehensive, be enough to ensure lasting results for a broad range of users? Can they avoid high drop-off rates and prove their model’s efficacy over extended periods?

3. Profitability Uncertainty: Despite impressive revenue growth, Allurion remains pre-revenue. The transition to profitability is crucial, and any delays could raise concerns about their cost structure and ability to manage growing expenses.

4. Reimbursement Hurdles: Allurion’s balloon and program face an uncertain insurance landscape. Convincing providers and healthcare systems to cover their solution consistently across different markets could be a significant challenge, hindering adoption and growth.

5. New Technology Risks: Allurion relies heavily on their unique swallowable balloon technology. Any technical issues or safety concerns, however rare, could have a devastating impact on their market presence and brand reputation.

6. Valuation Gap: With limited earnings history and pre-revenue status, Allurion’s stock price might be inflated based on future potential rather than present fundamentals. This raises the risk of a correction if investor sentiment sours or growth disappoints.

7. Execution Challenges: Scaling operations globally while maintaining quality and regulatory compliance is a complex task. Any stumbles in execution could derail Allurion’s expansion plans and hinder their ability to capture market share effectively.

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